Adelaide Hills Fine Foods

Wood Smoked Roasted Bacon

Looking for a bacon your family will love? The feedback we hear regularly is “This is the best, our family won’t eat anything else!”

This traditional short cut bacon is produced using Australian pork loin that is roasted and smoked, with our signature smokehouse flavour. A quality, great tasting bacon, that holds its form, whether you like your bacon crispy or medium fried.


Cook's notes

For best results, we suggest cooking our Wood Smoked Roasted bacon over a medium heat. This reliable all-rounder makes a great fridge staple for your everyday bacon needs. It is convenietly packaged in a family size 200g sealed pack, for freshness and shelf life. Be it bacon and eggs, a simple pasta like our silky carbonara or a quick delicious filling for jacket potatoes, it’s guaranteed to elevate the flavour of your family dishes.

Be sure to also try our Adelaide Hills Dry Cured Bacon for that full-bodied rich smoky flavour.