Skara Smallgoods

Skara Smallgoods is an Australian owned and operated family business, producing quality charcuterie, using Australian pork and beef.

Skara products are known for their outstanding flavour and artisanal flair, derived from traditional wood smoking and time-honoured recipes inspired by the Skara family’s Croatian heritage.


Our Products

Skara Smallgoods prides itself on creating high quality, flavour driven, artisan style charcuterie.

All our products are gluten free and made using Australian pork and beef.

Our wide selection of products have been embraced by food service, deli counters, gourmet retailers and supermarkets nationally.

If you have enjoyed a charcuterie grazing board recently, chances are you were enjoying some of our award-winning produce.

  • Traditionally matured European salami including Croatian Salami, Chorizo Salami, Hungarian Salami, Mediterranean Chilli Salami and Pork and Fennel Salami
  • Mezze Trio – A selection of smallgoods for entertaining
  • Chorizo and Pepperoni sausages
  • Smokehouse Leg Ham and Maple Ham
  • Bacon, Pancetta and Prosciutto
  • Gourmet Deli Lines – Csabai, Presswurst and Fritz


Our brands are designed to offer a variety of high-quality flavour focused products, to suit your individual needs.

Skara Artisan Smallgoods       

Skara Artisan Smallgoods



Skara Smallgoods offers customers with flavoured packed quality charcuterie, packaged for your convenience. With a variety of artisan options available for any occasion from everyday family breakfast, lunch and dinners, to a gourmet entertainer grazing board or dinner party, Skara has you covered.


Adelaide Hills Fine Foods is our sister brand, made with the same attention to detail and traditional recipes as Skara Smallgoods.  The packaged range is designed with families in mind and are available in larger pack sizes and twin packs options.  Skara’s Adelaide Hills range is also at your local delicatessen, offering a variety of smallgoods that can be custom sliced to your requirements.

Skara family gathered around table out under the patio


Skara Smallgoods started in 2007, with a dream to share traditional charcuterie for all to enjoy.  From humble beginnings selling our smallgoods at farmers markets, the dream has flourished into a Nationally recognised award-winning brand, with our products now enjoyed at tables across the country.

As our family business continues to grow our core values remain. To create the best quality products using Australian meat, artisan techniques and sustainable practices.

The team is led by our passionate founder Anthony, who has a wealth of knowledge in every aspect of smallgoods production, drawing on over 35 years experience.   Anthony feels privileged to have honed his craft working alongside many master smallgoods makers in boutique continental establishments, and now provides the same opportunities for others.

From our family to yours we say “Dobar Tek” (“Enjoy your meal”)

“I don’t want to be the biggest, I want to be the best”
Anthony Skara

Our Heritage

Our Croatian heritage continues to inspire us with the products we produce.

In the 1960’s our parents left Croatia for Australia in search of a better life, bringing with them their hard work ethic, culinary skills and a love of food and family.  Our family originates from three different regions in Croatia: the Dalmatian Coast, Lika and Slavonia. Each of the regions have something different to offer, providing a unique taste reflective of the area. The rich flavours we have created are a credit to our heritage, delivering that signature Skara taste in all of our products.

Our Signature
Smokehouse Flavour   

Skara harnesses centuries-old traditions and our family’s heritage when it comes to the smoking of our products. We use time honoured artisan cold smoking methods for producing outstanding flavour results, which our cured and salami products are renowned for.

We have designed and built traditional solid brick smokehouses of yesteryear, which allows our products to be cold wood smoked for longer periods of time, infusing an authentic rich smoke flavour throughout the product. Our preferred choices of wood are red gum and pine, with pine wood being traditionally used by Eastern Europeans.

This artisanal point of difference production method adds outstanding flavour to our cold wood smoked product range of Dry Cured Bacon, Pancetta, Chorizo, Prosciutto, Csabai and Smoked Salami’s.


Skara’s Commitment
to Quality Produce

Continuous improvement and development is always ongoing, however our passion for producing quality smallgoods is always key.

Quality smallgoods can only be created when quality fresh meat is used. We are incredibly proud to say all our products are made using only Australian pork and beef and are gluten free.

We prioritise attention to detail and caring about every step of the process, which are essential ingredients in our recipe for creating outstanding flavour.

Our products have consistently been winning awards locally and nationally since we began producing smallgoods, demonstrating our commitment to quality, our suppliers and to our customers.

We follow strict quality assurance protocol within our processes and are an accredited smallgoods manufacturer with Primary Industries (PIRSA).  PIRSA conduct regular mandatory audits, that measure adherence to safe practice of our smallgoods.

Award Winning Excellence

  • National Champion Category Winner
  • Gold, Silver, Bronze Product Medals
  • Top 20 Brand Nomination Finalist
  • Business Excellence Winner
  • Sustainability Award Winner


Awards since 2009

Skara’s Commitment

Sustainability is a core value and has been from the very beginning. We recognise our responsibilities and are continually working to further improve our systems. These endeavours have been recognised by the South Australian Food and Beverage Industry, awarding us for our sustainability practices.

At Skara we only source our fresh meat locally, which reduces our carbon footprint and supports the local industry. We take measures to reduce food waste by working with companies who create biproducts for other industries. We also support homeless charities in Adelaide and provide perfectly edible unsold products.

We fully support the 2025 Plastic Packaging Requirements the Australian Government has implemented and are working towards meeting the targets.

Our commitment to adopting further sustainable practices is ongoing, for a better future for all.

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Nothing makes us prouder than seeing our products on the shelves at supermarkets for you to experience our passion for creating some of the finest smallgoods you’ll ever taste.