Adelaide Hills Fine Foods

Dry Cured Bacon Twin Pack

Loaded with flavour our signature Dry Cured Bacon twin pack will be a winner for numerous family needs.

A European style bacon, hand cured and made to age-old recipes. This short cut style bacon, is made from Australian pork loin. It is known for its unique rich and smoky flavour, providing versatility, as a great all rounder. As one customer said – “Amazing quality smallgoods. The dry cured bacon is the best!!”


Cook's notes

A rich smoky bacon makes this a perfect partner for eggs and for best results, cook over a medium heat for 2 minutes each side.

For more depth and flavour for your spaghetti bolognaise or casserole, be sure to dice some Dry Cured Bacon and fry with your onion base. This bacon also makes the perfect partner for your next hamburger. The taste benefits of this versatile bacon are sensational.

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