Adelaide Hills Fine Foods

Maple Streaky Bacon Twin Pack

With so much positive feedback and love for our Maple Streaky Bacon, it has fast become a household favourite.

A subtle sweet note on the traditional bacon, made from fresh pork belly providing delicious succulence and flavour. Cured with maple, roasted and smoked, this twin pack will ensure it meets your family’s requirements.


Cook's notes

Streaky bacon is traditionally made from pork belly, which is why this bacon is soo succulent. The belly is naturally the most tender part of the bacon middle, due to its even blend of fat to meat ratio. This bacon requires a medium fry for best results.

Sweet or savoury, we have a recipe for the whole family. Fried rice, using maple bacon, provides a great flavour combination, or try our gluten free pancake recipe, topped with Maple Bacon.

If you are after a classic traditional bacon, be sure to try our Adelaide Hills Fine Foods Smoked Bacon or for a bacon with a smoky deep flavour, our Adelaide Hills Fine Foods Dry Cured Bacon is the perfect fit.