Skara Smallgoods

Maple Streaky Bacon

Gaining a fast following, there is no question behind the love and appreciation for our Streaky Maple Bacon.

A sweet note on the traditional bacon, satisfying the savoury palate with a subtle sweetness. Made from Australian pork belly, it showcases a delicious added succulence. Cured with maple, smoked and roasted, this bacon is bursting with absolute flavour.


Cook's notes

Pork belly is naturally the most tender cut used for making bacon, due to its even blend of fat to meat ratio. This bacon appreciates a medium fry, for best succulence and flavour.

Versatility to suit the savoury palate with a subtle sweetness. This bacon makes a fabulous partner for French toast, drizzled with extra maple syrup. It’s depth of flavour shines through in our fried rice recipe and its the star attraction in our chicken burger recipe. Enjoy!

If you’re a classic style bacon lover, you can’t beat our Smokehouse Roasted Bacon. For a bold rich smoky flavoured bacon, great choices are our Dry Cured Bacon or our Flat Pancetta.